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During the first visit, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to participate in developing a plan for further evaluation and/or treatment.

We strongly encourage both partners to be present for this meeting. The initial consultation is a comprehensive evaluation of your general health, history and medical records, and symptoms. The questions may be very extensive, including:

• Stress, life style, emotion
• Sleeping, eating and drinking habits, urine and stool
• Fear of coldness and hotness, sweating, rapid heartbeat, energy, etc
• The quantity of the menstrual blood, menstrual cycle, blood color, menstrual abdominal pain, breast cyst, etc ;
• Secretion during the ovulation period (watch when you will ovulate);
• Irregular discharge from vagina;
• Reduction in menstrual blood after cessation of the use of contraceptive pills;
• Changes in menstruation after abortion

A physical examination using traditional Chinese diagnostic methods will be performed, including taking your pulse and examining your tongue to determine its color and coating. In addition, the abdomen, back and other body areas may be palpated.

At this time, scheduling can be done for further diagnostic testing that has never been performed and possibly repeat tests in which results may be outdated. This may include:

• Hormone test
• Blood test
• Urine test
• Semen Analysis
• Ultrasonography

Once the above information is collected, an analysis is made on the causes of the symptoms to determine the root cause of your infertility based on the theories of Chinese medicine and western medical diagnosis. During the consultation, our doctors will explain to you what needs to be done to address your infertility and provide answers to your questions.

Then our specialists will prescribe the best Chinese herbal formulas to the patient to eliminate the root cause of his/her infertility and thus help to increase the pregnancy rates.

Follow-up visits will be arranged for subsequent consultations and treatments.

You may begin treatment immediately following your initial consultation, or you might return to discuss the results of your blood tests, initial sonogram, and semen analysis (if this was done) and determine the best fertility care strategy based on your goals.

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