Fertility Treatments with Chinese Herbal Medications
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We utilize the natural Chinese medicine to treat infertility. Chinese medicine maintains that Qi (vital energy or life force), blood and body fluids are the body’s basic components. These components form the material basis of energy for the viscera and organs to perform their physiological functions, thus making it possible for the human body to be active in its activities.
Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony of Qi and blood and the balance of Yin and Yang and pays special attention to deficiency or excess of the function of organs.

Deficiency is “less than normal” or hypofunction; excess is “more than normal” or hyperfunction. Both Qi and blood circulate through the whole body. Any congestion, deficiency or excess may cause an imbalance and lead to disease. The Yin deficiency is the result of Yang’s hyperactivity. Therefore, the root cause of Yin deficiency is Yang excess. To make it clear, Yang deficiency is hypothyroidism, Yang excess is hyperthyroidism. Usually it is called Yin deficiency in Chinese medicine.

How can Chinese herbal medicine help infertility?

Here we use the best chinese herbal medications to improve your reproductive system and regulate your endocrine system, to improve the qualities of semen and follicles, to improve your general health and fertility capabilities, to make sure you have the best pregnancy and a beautiful delivery. A typical approach of Chinese medicine is to improve Qi, blood, energy and reproductive organs, stabilizing and strengthening your hormones.

For female infertility, while some patients fail to ovulate, others may have too thin lining in the uterus. Some may suffer from endometriosis, others may have an overgrown endometrium. Pregnancy is also jeopardized when something goes wrong with the immune system or when the primary metabolism is in disorder. We offer the successful Chinese medicine infertility treatment based entirely on natural herbs in treating female infertility. The herbal medicine developed by our doctors help women enhance their reproductive potential by harmonizing the endocrine system, which regulates the menstrual cycle. The effects of the herbs vary. They may act on the ovulatory phase; they may regulate the secretion of mucus; they may stimulate the uterus; or they may assist in the production of adequate progesterone.

Most cases of male infertility involve some form of kidney deficiency, which can be treated effectively with our kidney tonifying Chinese medicine treatments. Many of our patients with semen abnormalities were treated with our herbal formula. Semen analysis after treatment showed sperm parameters improved tremendously. Not only does the motility, speed, count, concentration and morphology improve but sperm fragmentation is often successfully treated using our medicine.

Conception means the union of the sperm and the ovum. It depends on the couple’s overall health. Stress, depression, endocrine hormone, uterus condition and the body’s primary metabolism may all impact conception. For instance, if the female’s blood is deficient, the egg may not be healthy enough to be fertilized, much less to develop into a viable embryo. If the uterus has thin lining, fibroids, cysts or low temperature, then embryo is unable to be implanted. Therefore, stress, anxiety, negative emotions, malfunctioning metabolism, thyrosis or disorder of endocrine function can cause an imbalance in the body, which can lead to infertility or miscarriage. Pregnancy cannot be achieved unless the whole body of the couple is functioning normally. Conception is impossible when the male has a low sperm count which may be related to low hormone level or deficiency of kidney function. In Chinese medicine, kidney function includes the production of adrenocortical hormone. There may be other causes of male infertility, such as high body temperature or spermophlebectasia.

We emphasizes on using natural Chinese medicine in treating infertility. The focus of our treatment is not just to nourish, to tonify or to enhance the function of a particular reproductive organs, or to address the body’s deficiency or excess but to bring Yin and Yang into harmony and to ensure the normal function of the whole body and it's systems.

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