ManlyPro 3+4
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Product Description :

ManlyPro 1, ManlyPro 2, ManlyPro 3, ManlyPro 4

Indication: These are the special formula for the men to increase the sperm count, sperm motility, sperm morphology, sperm vitality and sperm quality in order to get pregnant. ManlyPro 1 and ManlyPro 2 are for Yang Deficiency; ManlyPro 3 and ManlyPro4 are for Yin Deficiency. Your first choice is taking ManlyPro 1+2, if you are not success after trying for seven months then try ManlyPro 3+4.

Dosage: Takes ManlyPro 1 and ManlyPro 2 five capsules each twice a day, one in the morning and one at night, all together 10 capsules. Takes six days medicines rest for one day and starts the next week with the same dose and methods, i.e. ManlyPro 1 plus ManlyPro 2 five capsules each twice a day, all together 10 capsules. Continue the medicine until your wife gets pregnant. Therefore one month’s medicine is ManlyPro 1 plus ManlyPro 2 four sets, all together 8 bottles.


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