Success testimonial
Success testimonial

(Translated by Google) Married for five years, after coming to the Golden Gate Fertility Centre, I successfully conceived a baby in the second/three months
Originally, I was very resistant to ''seeing a doctor for treatment''. Dr. Isaiah is the first and only doctor that our couple believes in wholeheartedly.
Thank you Dr. Isaiah for your constant encouragement and full of confidence from the very beginning
There is no doubt about the professionalism of doctors, but it also requires our active and comprehensive cooperation
At the beginning, I was half-believing and skeptical, but the first interview made me believe and cooperate wholeheartedly.
Western medicine finds out the problem and uses traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning
With the cooperation of taking medicine on time, lifestyle and eating habits
The wishes and goals of our couple over the past few years have been fulfilled faster than I expected
Thank you is too thin a word, but we can't find other words to express our gratitude to Dr. Isaiah🙇‍♀️
Thank you Golden Gate Fertility Centre, thank you Dr. Isaiah!

已婚五年,来到Golden Gate Fertility Centre后,在第二/三个月就成功怀上了宝宝
原本就对“看医生调理”很抗拒,Dr. Isaiah是我们夫妇第一个也是唯一一个全心相信的医生
谢谢Dr. Isaiah,一开始就给予不断的鼓励和满满信心
谢谢这个词太单薄,但我们已找不到其他词语来表达对Dr. Isaiah的感谢🙇‍♀️
谢谢Golden Gate Fertility Centre,谢谢Dr. Isaiah!

Published : 14-Jul-2023

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