My Story (Google Review)

My Story:
I got married when I was 27, but I didn’t have any children for 4 years. I did a lot of Western medical examinations and traditional Chinese medicine treatments with no results. The pressure I have endured in the past four years has been really helpless.
Fortunately, by chance, I met Dr. Qiu through a friend.
This is the first time I have seen a clinic that combines Chinese and Western medicine. They use Western medicine to examine you, but use Chinese medicine for conditioning.
I took Chinese medicine for the first month and felt nothing.
I started to feel breast engorgement in the second month (never before)
The feeling of breast enlargement lasts for a long time in the third month
In the fourth month, I was successfully pregnant with my baby!

I don't have a job, and my husband's salary is just enough to survive on his own. For the sake of the baby, we sold the 10-year-old car. Thank you for showing up when we wanted to give up.
Although it is expensive, the thought of your baby makes it all worth it!

Dr. Qiu's medicine is really effective and helpful. With his medicine, I can take care of my baby with peace of mind. I think Dr. Qiu's B-ultrasound skills are more professional than KK's intern doctors.
Friends who want a baby must have a positive attitude. As long as you have a positive attitude, do everything as you are told, and don't give up, I believe the baby will come soon.

Published : 22-Dec-2023

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